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Too bad Peter ruins it by bumping into all of them on a quest for some cereal at 3 am. Summary: Kid? he tried, but there was no response from the boy lying motionless on the ground. /ca 1.0 "Nice to see that everyone showed up," said Sam. Just a few seconds ago, his face had been void of emotion. One thing that none of the Avengers ever got to find out was who was the guy behind the Spiderman mask. Of course, since HYDRA is interested in this person I think that it is important to find them and take them into SHEILD and question them on this matter. About Spider-Man.. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, What if Peter survived the snap thats it thats the story. #irondad Smooth Parker. #steverodgers Tony and Pepper lot at each other in shock and worry. And how come weve never known about him?Yeah, Clint spoke again, I thought I was the only one with a secret family. "Hey raccoons, I thought you stole the trash, not purses from old ladies?" A one shot. OrWhat would happen if MJ and Tony Stark would work together? For Peter, this means he loses May to natural causes, not something he could ever save her from.Unknown to him, May left custody of Peter in the hands of Tony Stark, who, even though he wants kids, has no idea how to actually raise one. It escalates to an Avengers & Peter group chat, because why not.Meanwhile, Peter got a Stark Industries internship! /Type /ExtGState endobj Peters life shatters with a phone call. Will Spider-man have anything to do with his son's death which is still a mystery? Part Two: There's an invasion in New York, and the team needs all available Avengers. Everyone was off somewhere doing something except you," Natasha questioned. Fifteen years after his son's death, the world is shocked by the appearance of a new, unknown hero. When the former Avengers finally apologize and return to the tower, Tony insist Peter wait before he meets them. I have stopped drinking as much and I am getting about five hours of sleep at night now and I have stopped spending so much time in the lab alone. But, Tony wants to know how it went and FaceTimes Peter before he can finish his presentation. and not knowing anything is not something Tony can do, he has to know everything. Sins of the Fathers (ao3) - geekymoviemomRating: General. Talk? And maybe he's also Tony's personal intern and gets introduced to them all. /CA 1.0 So why are the Avengers on his case? "Oh you know, I have taken over part of the company so Pepper does not have so much work to do.". He has a wife, a child, a garden, and a certain spider-themed sidekick to look out for. Summary: Peter just can't stop calling Tony "Dad". Summary: Peter just cant stop calling Tony Dad. They turned around to see who had spoken and they all saw Sam, Rhodey, and Pepper who had just come out of the elevator. He grinned. /SM 0.02 "Oh my gosh Tony! 6 0 obj The others just chuckled at Clint's childish behaviour. or: someone replicates the spidersuit and goes around doing bad things. Tony replied as he stepped out of his suit. Ned glanced down at his friends face, shock shooting through his veins when he saw the sudden emotion all over Peters face. With a grieving superhero teenager on his hands, Tony is going to have to figure it out quick, if he wants Peter to ever be able to move on and be happy. Tony hops into his suit and heads out to rescue Peter. Pepper was gone at a meeting. The Rogue Avengers meet Peter Parker and are completely surprised to learn that Tony has a son. The Witch of Scarlet is right about that! "Yeah, he did seem in a hurry when I got the call." Work Search: asked Nat. Were Gonna Have to do This Together (ao3) - edibnaRating: Mature. 6) 1 2 . He smiled. Please consider turning it on! Tony has kept the fact that he has a son a secret for a long time. "Do you know who this person is?" Peter gets stabbed on patrol, and accidentally texts Tony Stark for help instead of Ned. Tony had known one day the rest of the team would have to meet Peter, but he never wanted it to be so soon. But its fine, he wants them back; he wants his old family back so much. "No kid, you don't gotta fight them." Tony pov 2. #tonyxpepper questioned Pepper. I do believe that something has gone very askew! Surely this man was not alone. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). peters calculus teacher has a policy where a student has to answer the phone on speaker in front of the whole class. Not my best commentary. Chapter One: Avengers Meeting. Then the Avengers are pardoned, and Tony decides to house them in the tower with himself and Peter; basically opening his private life to a bunch of traitors. amnesia, erasing the last few years of his life. But what happens, when the universe shows its power. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] Wishful thinking. ". JFIF ` ` C There he goes again. They're out to cause mayhem and they don't care who gets in their way, plus taking down a certain annoying crime fighting bug at the same time is just a chance they aren't planning on missing. "Pete, I think it's time that you meet the avengers." AU where civil war never happened but homecoming did. So maybe Peter hasn't told the Avengers that he's Spider-Man yet. << asked Steve. New York may be in terrible danger, his sidekick may have become a sleep-deprived, hamster-stealing wreck, and various villains may be trying to wipe them all off the face off the planet, but it's fine. But they soon learn that they barely have to act at all. You know how Fury gets it we are not on time." He crept up behind the mugger and tried to think of a witty comment to startle them. Peter Parker's life is going pretty good. Steve and Natasha had found Bucky and had gotten him back together again. 3 times peter accidentally calls tony 'dad' to someone and 1 time he accidentally says it to tony (ao3) -lovelyrdjr. I know dad behavior when I see it.Tony blinked multiple consecutive times, processing the statement. Im not here to harm you, Peter, the man smiled softly, I just think we need to talk.. because peter parker is, in fact, peter parker, the heir to stark industries, he knows a lot ofinfluential people, and this gets him into a lot of trouble when he has to take calls in class. "Is Peter coming home from school or his going to someone's house?" Tony cleared his throat to get them to acknowledge his presence. His eyes darted again behind the agent and into the store. Rhodey was off doing some military business. But such is time and its way with things that today is probably is the day that the Avengers meet Peter Benjamin Parker -Stark. "Oh come on!" It has been a few months since the incident at the airport and the team was finally back to the way it used to be. Civil war happened, homecoming no. Ned froze, all other thoughts wiped from his head. I have kids, Clint said. 100% positive. /SA true What would happen if then, after Peter fights with Vulture on Coney Island, the avengers assume Spider-Man was working with The Vulture and they just had a falling out? He rushed to his side and gently rolled him over onto his back, being careful to check his body over for any sign of injury, but there wasnt any that he could see. They had agreed that Peter would hang back until Tony thought the team was ready for him to come out. Tonys heart lurches in his chest, then plummets to the floor. Peter beat Tony to the tower, but had began to become a bit nervous. He seemed in a rush when he called us to meet! Peter felt his blood burn an icy cold. However, once they see how Tony acts around Peter, that confusion goes away, as they know for certain who Peter must be - Tonys secret son.Tony and Peter decide to make the most of the situation, and play along. messed around with spideys powers. ),#@~K{}_Nl$W q!=^l/u9[ What if one time they need to ask me something and they see Peter sitting in the living room. He walked in on a conversion they were having. Tonybeing the devil that he isdecided to go along with it. Enter Steve Rogers and his merry band of war criminals, ready to screw up Tony's ideal new life in ways he never even imagined. Spider-man wasnt recruited by tony. The first time Bruce met Peter was back before the name "Mini Stark" existed. He just hoped that he could keep the secret about him being spiderman a bit longer. Peter Parker is incapable of having a normal day. "I know, but I like to bother you." #thor They had even come up with a plan for a fake internship so it would not draw attention when he came to the tower every day. Let's just hope that wish gets honoured. You can't make it stop, you even unconsciously drift along, repeating the pattern over and over again. Tony laughed. "H-he t-t-took my clothes. Peter whispered, before choking out a painful sounding sob. He put a hand on his shoulder and spoke in a fatherly tone. Youre Black Widow! He finally blurts out. >> Because even an iron man is not able to protect his son from death. /Filter /DCTDecode #buckybarnes When You Assume Wrong (ao3) - TentativeTreasonRating: General. #peterparker The kid groaned a bit as he rolled his head against the pillow but he did not fully wake up. Or: Tony and Peter pretend to be father and son for the Rogues because people kept mistaking them for family anyway. It's fixable. As the months and years pass, bringing with them new challenges and threats, both Tony and Peter will be forced to come to grips with their troubled pasts, and learn that their greatest strengths come from each other. Im sorry but your aunts been in an accident and were going to need you to come to Queens Memorial as soon as you can.. Calm down Peter, its only the AVENGERS(ao3) -Idek_AnymoreRating: Teen And Up. Ned was busy after school (he had already called him.) /Producer ( Q t 4 . What if they assume Spider-Man is a villain? Peter and Ned go to a science school so let them be smart! they are not being discontinued, just need more time.}. Fun. Are you supposed to be in here?. Peter said. Excuse me?Tony, Steve said now, how long have you had a son? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. As funny as it would be to see under the patch of the eye of the man of Fury, I do not think it wise to test him at this point in time! "Guys, I have an important announcement to make." /Title ( A v e n g e r s F a n f i c t i o n P e t e r C a l l s T o n y D u r i n g A M e e t i n g) MJ was not available either. Now hes left with an annoying kid for a babysitter. The Avengers notice the little discrepancies in Tonys behaviour, and they eventually come to the only conclusion they can think of: Tony is having an affair. 25.9K 778 887. by taco2525. Tony comes to rescue/take care of him some feelings may be revealed along the way. They and the world were wondering how could the Avengers get back together after their separation, some almost dying, and others, once considered heroes, were now wanted. They hope they can keep up the act all summer. Peter Parker Meets the Avengers Peter Parker Lives at the Avengers Compound Tony has kept the fact that he has a son a secret for a long time. Tony was thinking about all of this when JARVIS spoke up, "Sir the others have just arrived." Tony had no idea about what he was supposed to do. "Clint, no one wants to see your 'special magic trick'." Theyre sure. He is also a little clumsy fucker and accidentally reveals that he is spider man to the avengers. I just wanna finish my coffee in peace without explaining myself to a walking PSA.. He just wants to keep his head down, do his job as Spider-Man and to keep his loved ones safe. Right? They followed the rest of the group to the living room couch to look at the Tv screen where Nick Fury's face was being displayed in all of its eye patch glory. >> We need to tell them ourselves before there is an accidental meeting. The muggers were wearing burglar masks so he decided to use that. /AIS false If we can figure out why they started this investigation on this specific person, maybe we can figure out other HYDRA crimes because the answer may give us a pattern we can start to follow. He'd needed a breather and went for a walk around the park to clear his head, and was on his way back to the tower. w !1AQaq"2B #3Rbr Sorry for the confusion. endobj "Really!? Tony was worried to say the least. Peter Parker had had everything: a mother, a father, an uncle, an aunt. Thirteen years ago they started an experiment called the spider-human. Peter is a little shit and acts a little to much like Tony for the Avengers liking. #spiderson But unfortunately for them, they got away and are now living someplace else.". Rating: Not Rated. previous masterlist: Surprises. I hope you enjoy this book and yea just like read to find out more! "Hey don't worry Pete, they're gonna love you." /Subtype /Image Thor's loud voice entered the conversation. #natasharomanoff "The last thing we need is for him to throw a tantrum and see under that eye patch of his," Wanda spoke. " If the Avengers being out to get him wasn't enough there's also the small issue of a team of new enhanced bad guys on the scene. asked Steve. ", "No, we should wait for later about that development.". This blog is a library dedicated to all of the amazing fanfiction creations within the MCU fandom, from all of your favorite ships to familial bonds! It has been a few months since the incident at the airport and the team was finally back to the way it used to be. Tony smiled. Pepper I thought it over and I think it is time for them to know the truth about Peter. Steve said.The others turned and noticed Tony as well. A little while later, spiderman smiled to himself as he heard the screams of the man who found the three bodies. #nedleeds Shit. As he reentered the front doors a skinny teenager in a blue jacket jogged in after him. Peter is finally meeting the avengers but not in the way he wants. The elevator doors opened and Tony stepped out. How much it would cost? ", "oh buddy, you asked for that in your previous life, you stuck with me". This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Peter is excited to spend the weekend at Mr.Stark's place. Actually better than I have been in a long time. Tony did his best to console the boy. Are we going to tell them that he is Spiderman? And I don't have to fight them this time!?" What would happen if Friday found out that Peter gets bullied? Tony Stark and May Parker co-parent Peter and somehow the Avengers translate this into him cheating on Pepper), you can call me son (ao3) - jaybaybayRating: General. No one knows every secret of the universe. Pepper caught Tony's eye and motioned him over. He's very excited to meet the scientists he's been texting, especially after he had a really horrible day when the Avengers attacked Spider-Man. /CreationDate (D:20210423115155+08'00') ), I promise, Ill do better (ao3) - spiderboyneedsahugRating: General. Youre going to need to become a better liar if you come work for us, the agent smirked. The Avengers know this. (It is temporary, right? Part One: Tony calls Peter in the middle of a lab bender and forgets what day it is. Ned was busy after school (he had already called him.) I was stronger than him, so why couldnt I fight back. Bucky said as he rolled his eyes. Unfortunately for Peter, he's in the middle of calculus, and Tony can't help but pick on him just a little. A few others chuckled and Tony rolled his eyes. He works really hard on it and even gets Mr Stark to look it over and beta test it, so hes pretty confident that hell get a great score on his project. While Tony had been parenting Peter. Well of course Tony knew, but he refused to tell anyone his secret identity. Lots of fluff, but mostly angst. Every incident that happens is always a secret. "Yeah well, I think we should get this meeting started. } !1AQa"q2#BR$3br Pepper was gone at a meeting. Peter nodded and went into the elevator with Tony. /Length 7 0 R Summary: Being a superhero sometimes means you forget about the small dangers in the world, like disease. And now, as if Ned, MJ and Flashs arrival had triggered him, he was beginning to break. Tony knew that no one has seen him yet so he cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. stream It shouldn't be too hard to keep his identity secret, right? It had been a while since they had all been together they all were busy with their own thing. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 7KGA fF2 z Bn@%=TTAC| kIYj-m9s}9+n&T+}SiSdiV~q}+7-}~X> []oPvEJ3cG_j}KMO[\2. #spiderchille So yeah, things are great. It is where they combined the DNA of a radioactive spider with a human. a little white lie(ao3) -LethalBookshelvesRating: General. You know life is like a never-ending circle. But what they all had no idea of, was that it was just a 16 year old high school kid., and they were about to meet him. Peter saw this and quickly ran into another alley and changed into his alter identity, Spiderman. Peter has a run-in with a certain SHIELD agent, and then a certain man who carries a shield._, Febuwhump 2023 | Alternate Prompt #6 | Limp. He had kept Peter from the press so far. The Avengers watch as Tonys tough exterior melts for a 16 year old who seems to have wormed his way into the mechanics heart. ". I was stronger than him, so why couldnt I fight back? discover your favorite characters & ships! 7) After that, the Rogues assumed that he was Tonys illegitimate son. Basically, what if Peter and friends were at the compound for movie night and the newly pardoned avengers arrive while Tony's on an ice cream run. 3 0 obj Peter jumped and cheered. How have you been?" #jamesrhodes "To answer Clint first, I have been good. Dead silence. Bruce Banner & Clint Barton & Wanda Maximoff & Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, Peter Parker and the shit he goes through, Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Adopted Child, Pepper Potts Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, The Avengers Find Out Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Post-Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 1 (2012), I just like it when Peter has vigilante friends instead, Peter Parker Lacks Self-Preservation Instincts, 5 Times Someone Thought Peter Was Tony's Son, Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, the avengers are kinda jerks but they didn't mean to be, different from my other pics and I kinda regret it, Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov Friendship, did I just use a Star Wars word in place of a bad word, Peter Parker's Field Trip to Stark Industries, no character slander just people being wary and critical, Alternate Universe - Renegotiated Sokovia Accords, "How to apologize: I'm sorry, but you're wrong", I'd put "so your body's cHaNGiNg" on a tshirt, Avengers Team & Peter Parker & Tony Stark. Figured it out, yet? Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S., Sam W./Falcon, Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,721 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 752 - Follows: 426 - Updated . Its a Secret to Everybody(ao3) -StarPrince_Punk. But then Tony Stark takes him in, with no hesitation of adopting him on the spot. Peter gives the Rogues a piece of his mind. #jarvis He was practically on his knees begging us to this meeting! " "Then will you be my dad again in my next life? He though to himself. About what? Peter squinted at him, subtly leaning backward, away from the man. I mean - I dont really know much -. << Nothing could ruin this day. So what would possess him to suddenly agree to become the guardian of some random kid from Queens? When the Rogue Avengers get pardoned and come back to live at the Tower too, theyre confused as to who Peter is. 5 times Peter made Tony laugh and 1 time he made him cry (ao3) - just_the_daydreamer. But now he guessed was the time. Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker Tony Stark Matthew Ellis Various Classmates Thaddeus Ross May Parker (Spider-Man) Steve Rogers Natasha Romanov (Marvel) those are all mentioned peter gets a phone call it's the president That's it that's the plot tony's there to skedaddle him to dc dc loves peter they love the strange genius boy "Oh hey Tony." Thats Peters terrified voice coming through the comms. Peter has to fight the avengers while trying to catch the double. "Hey Pete, and I told you to call me Tony." Peter gets a call from the President in class. One thing that none of the Avengers ever got to find out was who was the guy behind the Spiderman mask. Turns out youve had one longer than me!-Peter gets to spend all summer living in Avengers Tower with Tony. The avengers hear about it and head to stop him. #wattys2018. About tonights events. "Also what have you been doing while we were gone. It goes downhill from there. Summary: May Parker gets shot on her midnight trip to the local corner store for ice cream.Peter now had no living relatives left, and now he truly knew that nothing is worth living for. Phone call from TonyPhone call alternative invasion, tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Peter Parker and the break he didn't catch, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Peter Parker's Field Trip to Stark Industries, Michelle Jones & Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Steve Rogers Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Academic Decathlon Team (Spider-Man: Homecoming) & Peter Parker, Peter Parker is the heir of Stark Industries, but we're all used to that now because of endgame. He turned and saw that all of them were standing there looking around the living room. Heaving a full-bodied sigh, Tony scrubs his gritty, achy eyes, hooks his brown gradient aviators in his breast pocket, and steps out. Peter Parker has a secret identity and he desperately wants to keep it that way. Also, he stopped drinking so much. #wandamaximoff Bruce added. << Mr Stark gave him his suit back, Aunt May found out about Spider-Man and didn't try to kill him, and to top it all off he now has a real internship at Stark Industries and gets to go there a few times every week.

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