what size tunisian crochet hook for dk yarn

It has been very helpful But the UK does. With shaping and more advanced stitches included, this pattern is best for intermediates. 5/5.5mm for Sport or DK weight yarn. hmgrace11 2 yr. ago All of the Clover Armour hooks have a comfortable elastomer rubber handle. A large hook will produce a loose, more drapey crochet fabric and a small hook will produce a firm, more dense fabric. They come in numbered sizes, getting larger as the diameter or millimeters get smaller. Tunisian crochet is a fabulous niche of crochet that allows you to craft in a slightly different style to create fabrics that have a "knit-look" design instead of the traditional look of crochet. This doll and her clothes are all created with DK yarn coboo for the body, Wool Ease DK Cake for the clothes. In the absence of a gauge being given for the project, it may be a good rule of thumb to either always go by the mm sizing OR choose a brand and stick with that brand. Well, it stands for double knit, or double knitting (UK). This will tell you what size the hook is in millimeters or US sizes. Shipping to the USA will be an extra cost. I fell in love with this yarn when I came across it at my local Hobby Lobby store (the only place I know of where you can get Yarn Bee yarns). I know, the inconsistency between each brand is a problem, and it can be a challenge to figure out, but Im here for that! The Woobles said: Use bigger yarn. Registration no: 5538708. If you buy through a link on my posts, I may earn an affiliate commission. The knitting needle size for DK weight yarn is a range between 3.5-4.5mm, with most people using 3.75-4.5mm. There are many different types. Find her featured projects on AllFreeCrochet here: Read on for more Tunisian crochet >>> Hope you find this crochet hook size chart on all the sizes helpful! Plus, well give you a few tips on choosing supplies and getting started. READ NEXT Want info on the types of crochet hooks? You can, but with some drawbacks. Suggested yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Chainette Yarn. Its available in 8 different sizes. To Cord or Not To Cord? Theyre quick to make, so you can create a stack of these in no time. As the size of a crochet hook isdetermined by the diameterof the shaft. One way to add length to your Afghan crochet hook without making it heavier is to use a corded hook. It's used for many projects particularly with worsted weight yarn. My project involves crocheting recycled polyester cord 3mm diameter or 6 mm diameter. This classic, textured sweater is crocheted flat in pieces from the bottom up, then sewn together. Youve found it! The easiest way in the US is to look on the ball band. Rely on the millimeter sizing so you don't get confused. Whether Tunisian crochet or regular crochet is faster is debatable. Size up a hook. Privacy Policy Ive found that I have to test different sizes of hooks to match the gauge the pattern requires. Also, keep in mind that. Tunisian crochet hooks have a stopper on one end to prevent the loops from falling off the hook as you crochet. My daughter wants me to crochet a penguin for her but the finished size is 9inch she wants it bigger so how can I make a penguin about 20 inches. I think our crochet world would be a better place if we focused on two things in regards to crochet hook sizes. Get Started with Tunisian Crochet! For example, a US size G hook is 4.00mm in diameter. I didn't know they were not easy to find. Tunisian crochet is a type of crochet that holds multiple loops on the hook in a style similar towhat is done in knitting. With 4ply yarns the size of your crochet hook will likely be affected by the type of fabric you are making - if you're making airy lacy fabrics then you'll probably use a smaller hook such as a 2.5mm, whereas if you're making a straight-forward fabric of repeated simple stitches then you're . Because the stitches are looser, the fabric will have more drape. Most yarns in the US will have these handy symbols from the CYC on them: So, just look on the ball band and check for that number three! Second, a crochet hook is a tool towards a result. Regarding a recommended crochet hook type, try aluminum crochet hooks as a start. In Australia and New Zealand it is the same as an 8 ply yarn. D/3.25mm works with 2-3 weight yarns also known as sport, baby, dk, light worsted yarn. Wash your swatch, let it dry and measure the number of stitches. The best size crochet for a project idea like a blanket is an H/8 (5mm) size hook. HI! Aluminum crochet hooks are excellent for these projects. It is a common hook and once you learn how to form stitches with this size it is easy to start crocheting with the other sizes. If youve been around here for a while, you might have noticed I really love this yarn. Im French and I have a hook size 26 made in England. Can you please help me what number is that? This guide on Tunisian crochet hooks was written by Marie Segares from, How to Tunisian Crochet + 28 Tunisian Crochet Patterns, 8 Different Crochet Stitches to Learn Free eBook (Volume I), Crochet Stitch Directory: 26 Stitch Patterns, The Best Uses for Crochet Thread +10 Crochet Thread Patterns, Modern Colorful Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. Lets take a look at the CYCs Standard Yarn Weight System and how it compares to other systems used around the world. What size crochet hook is best for amigurumi? For most of this type of crochet projects, you'll need a special crochet hook. The larger the diameter, the bigger the stitches. You can assemble your own Afghan hook to be the perfect size for your specific project, and then take it apart when you are finished crocheting. You want to choose the best crochet hook for your project but you might be getting confused about all those crochet hook sizes! It's wonderful that you want to give Tunisian crochet a try! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Have a play with your different hooks and see which works best. Creates snug winter clothing and accessories, such as hats, scarves and jumpers. Wrapping a rubber band around the end of your hook will help keep stitches from falling off. Sign up to receive email updates starting with a Printable Crochet & Knit Journal! I love to share crochet patterns, tutorials and other bits of crochet goodness to delight your creative soul! I was told I need a 1.25 I dont see that size on conversation chat. Tunisian crochet hooks, also called Afghan crochet hooks, are longer than regular crochet hooks. I'm not sure I'm cut out for using this stitch but I would like to try. Mesa Hat If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Crochet 365 Knit Too Facebook pageor pop over to the Crochet365KnitToo Club and share a photo! This is akin to asking someone their favorite jeans or brand of soda! Note: Im not talking about the length of a hook in this post, which is measured from the bottom to the point. Regular (Yarn) Hooks: Numbers: The bigger the number, the bigger/thicker the hook is, so size 15 hook is much bigger than 9 hook size. Insummary, you can technically do Tunisian crochet with a regular hook, but it's best to purchase the right kind of toolsa long Afghan crochet hook for working rows and a double-ended or circular Tunisian crochet hook for working in the round. Suggested yarn: The Farmer's Daughter Fibers Craggy Tweed. Some Tunisian hooks are double-ended, and some have a long flexible cable on the end. Thanks! This unique style of crochet is a bit different than traditional crochet, but its worth the extra effort to learn! A DK weight yarn will give 12-17 wraps per inch. It is very helpful to know that different brands have different mm sizes like you point out Boye does. Featuring a linen stitch border, this project is quick and easy. Cheers Jodie. Amigurumi require a dense fabric so that the stuffing does not show through. Choosing hook size and yarn in Tunisian crochet, Crochet spiral placemat with Tunisian crochet technique, TUNISIAN CROCHET: Choosing Hook Size and Yarn. For this reason, its excellent for making projects such as washcloths, scarves, blankets, sweaters, and hats. This can be seen as both a quality and a defect: an item created in Tunisian crochet is often more solid and robust than your average knitted or crocheted piece; Tunisian crochet is less see-through and its stitches hardly lose their original form. If your gauge is larger than desired, use the 6.5mm hook. This pattern is available in 9 different sizes and includes a chart to help you determine your perfect size. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Difference #1 - Only Working on One Side With crocheting, you are always turning your working at the end of the . These crochet hook size charts will help you convert common crochet hook sizes. Though it looks professional, its actually a perfect pattern for beginners. All of the Clover Armour hooks have a comfortable elastomer rubber handle.. What is the most popular crochet hook size? _____________________ Vanessa Linen Vest Ideal for creating heavyweight rugs or blankets. Note that this applies to regular types of crochet hooks. A thicker yarn requires something bigger, a fine, thin yarn requires a smaller crochet needle. They work well for either kitchen or bathroom use and would be a wonderful housewarming gift or a thoughtful, token gift for anyone. Have you tried Tunisian crochet? Thats frustrating. Trying out Tunisian crochet with a regular hook is a great way to see if you enjoy this type of crocheting without purchasing any extra products right away. S. Crochet hook letters and U.S. size numbers can vary. As you start making different patterns, youll find it worthwhile to invest in a goodTunisian crochet hook setwith various hook sizes. Crochet patterns will indicate the size of hook and yarn needed. Check your gauge by crocheting a swatch with the 7mm hook. An H-8 5mm crochet hook is the most common size recommended for use with worsted weight yarn. Thank you for taking the time to improve the content on our site. (You can use the same holes to measure a knitting needle too!). It's a cute, textured beanie hat pattern that includes instructions for five sizes and optional stripes. Hi Lynn. You can also try holding two strands of DK together to get gauge for worsted. This is a gorgeous DK that comes in more than 40 shades, so you are bound to find a color you like in this collection. Try a smaller hook if its too big. Great explanations, freely given! If you use a big hook on crochet threads, you end up with a loose creation. Common sizes are between 10" and 14" long. Thanks for your comment. Could you try a different hook? Your email address will not be published. Its super important to complete a swatch with the recommended hook in the pattern to see if you reach the required gauge. You have helped me so much. Crochet hook sizing can be very confusing. For a bigger crochet hook, the opposite is true. Need help with hook sizing or downloading your crochet hook size chart? Since you have to keep the loops on your hook while Tunisian crocheting, the hook length is important. This yarn can also be machine washed and dried. life. The company Pony makes a 7.5mm hook and they are available online at Amazon UK. But that's only a misconception! Enter your email address and we will send your password. For example Boye labels their G Hook as 4.25 mm not 4.00mm. Crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes (and styles) to fit the project. I fell in love with this colorway and bought a couple of skeins without knowing what I was going to do with it, but it didnt take long to decide on this shawl pattern! Many crocheters find that they gravitate towards the same few crochet hook sizes. It depends, but mostly, yes, a crochet hook size matters. Tunisian crochet hooks are not significantly more expensive than regular crochet hooks, and a set of them is a nice addition to your library of craft supplies. Dont change hooks mid-project, it will change your tension. The look and feel of a finished crochet project depends on the combination of yarn used and hook size. In the US a DK yarn is classified as a #3 Light weight yarn according to the Craft Yarn Councils Standard Yarn Weight System. Tunisian crochet worked in the round uses double-ended crochet hooks. Have fun with your next project experience. The sizes that are included are 4 mm (G), 5 mm (H), 5.5 mm (I), 6 mm (J), 6.5 mm (K) and 8 mm (L). You may have seen long crochet hooks that have a "hook" on either end. Connect with me on social media, like Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes you need to change crochet hooks to achieve the same gauge the pattern indicates. Use a larger diameter hook for a looser texture, a smaller diameter hook for a tighter texture. This luxurious, triangular shawl is an excellent pattern for becoming confident in the basics of Tunisian crochet. My favorite crochet hooks are the Clover Armour hooks. As it turns out, crochet hooks come in a variety of sizes. Plus its more affordable than a lot of superwash wool yarns, so be sure to check it out. Interchangeable Crochet Hooks Whether dressing up for a holiday party or relaxing over dinner with friends, this cozy, Tunisian crochet sweater pattern is both versatile and lovely. Suggested yarn: Lion Brand Ferris Wheel Yarn. I dont find the conversion in MM. Learn to make a beautiful fade shawl using Tunisian Crochet. When you are starting to crochet and practicing the skills, its best to get a hook that is comfortable that will enable you to form correct stitches. Its simple, follow the charts below. How many crochet hooks do you need to crochet? Because of the way it is worked, Tunisian crochet typically produces a Its great for summer when you want to dress up a little but dont want anything thats too hot. Come back to this post whenever you need to use the crochet hook sizes conversion chart. TUNISIAN CROCHET IS PERFECT FOR EVERY PROJECT. If the size is big, its a sign theyre tiny! 1.25 - 3.5mm knitting needles 2 - 3.5mm crochet hook Sport (5 ply) Tricky to use, this is commonly reserved for use in complex, decorative accessories. Most experts pick the H/8 5 mm crochet as the most popular size crochet hook. Yes, there IS a size 7 crochet hook! That tends to create a seriously thick fabric. Keep in mind that with Tunisian crochet, youll want to use a hook that is one or two sizes larger than your yarn suggests (your pattern should take this into account). Here are some ways you can tell which hook size you need for your project: Yarn Label: The yarn label is a great place to find out all kinds of information about the yarn, including the fiber content and suggested crochet hook and knitting needle sizes. Or rather, the hooks are called something different depending upon which country you live in. I love using this to carry water bottles, and its easy to adjust the strap longer so you can be hands-free! Be sure to check your pattern for the recommended yarn and hook size. Thank you for this informative article. These crochet hooks come in varying sizes from the 0.6 mm thickness of size 12 to the 3.25 mm thickness of size 00. How to Hold A Crochet Hook // 3. These hooks are very versatile because they can be used for double-ended Tunisian crochet, which is also called double-ended crochet, crochet on the double, or cro-hooking. The sizing in other countries varies. It will determine the crocheted fabric. If you like to be a little creative with projects it helps to know what weight yarns equal to what plys and what knitting needles and crochet hooks can be used with what, so we have created this handy chart to help you chose the right fit every time. A size 7 crochet hook is a 4.50mm crochet hook and is right between a G and a H hook, if youre using the US terminology. Its best to start with the size hook the designer recommends to ensure your project turns out the same size. Know what each craft store makes so you have the right hooks or crochet hook set. ChiaoGoo T-Spin Bamboo Tunisian Crochet Hook Set. If your crochet hook is too big, heres an easy method to check if indeed it is too big for the pattern you are working on. If you have fewer stitches in the 4 inches, then it will be too big. No standard set size for crochet hooks exists yet. Your explanation are very helpful. Be sure to check your pattern for the recommended yarn and hook size. This is when you will use wraps per inch (wpi). The crochet hook size for DK weight yarn is a range between 4.5-5.5mm. Its my personal favorite too! all 5mm and in actuality, they are each a different size. The best size crochet hook for beginners is size 5.0mm. These things have excellent reviews, and are best-sellers! Any help will be appreciated. Are you sure you would like to report this comment? Thank you for your very easy to understand instructions. The stitches are worked in two passes: the forward pass and the return pass. The If you want to make larger crochet projects, aim for the 14 size or larger. You might run out of yarn if you use different hook sizes when using a kit. Wear a hug all day with this fluffy and cozy shawl! If you have any additional questions, feel free to join myFacebook Group. They are shaped without a fat thumb grip and thus can hold many loops on the hook at a time without stretching some to different heights than others. Its used for many projects particularly with worsted weight yarn. If a pattern calls for yarn weight 5 chunky + crochet hook 3.5mm (E), by changing the yarn weight to 4 worsted what size crochet hook would I use? DK yarns are extremely versatile, and can be used for all sorts of projects! I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on April 5, 2023. You can either get a double-ended crochet hook or a circular Tunisian crochet hook, which is basically two crochet hooks connected together by a cable that runs between them. For accessibility support please contact customer care at 1-888-368-8401 OR access@yarnspirations.com. [emailprotected]Lives In: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its easy to see the different yarn weights, from lace weight yarn (#0) to fingering weight yarn (#1) to sport weight yarn (#2) to DK weight yarn (#3) to worsted weight yarn (aran weight yarn also falls into this category) (#4) to bulky yarn (#5) to super bulky yarn (#6) and finally jumbo yarn (#7). It combines some aspects of knitting with some elements of crochet but its really its own distinct craft. I currently use Boye hooks, and in several videos I have been watching, the crafter will show their tulip hook, and the milimeter size with either sport weight, DK, or worsted weight yarn. The shaft is the area on the hook where the yarn loop is formed. They want to know what crochet hooks they should use for their projects to get the best result. Keep your ears toasty warm with this adorable ear warmer headband. The only size listed on it is-5.5,I 9 US. If you want to try short rows of crochet, as done inTunisian entrelac crochet, then your regular hooks might work. We should stop and think first about what hook whatever size that might be is going to provide the desired result. Tunisian Crochet Hook Sizes Hi Rayna. Pin this post: Save this tutorial to your Pinterest boards so that you can come back to it later. The best crochet hook size for 4ply wool is 2.50mm 3.00mm, US E/4, and 12-9 for the UK/Canada. It really depends on your end product preference. Some people get confused, thinking that Afghan hooks are just for making blankets (afghans) but they're actually referencing this niche of crochet that is known by a couple of different names. Crochet Patterns include crochet hook sizes too. A 2.75mm hook is the letter C. Also Crochet needles of this size are equivalent to a US hook size C/2. If your hook has no label, here are ways to determine your hook size from your collection. Hook size and yarn work together to form crochet fabric. Crochet hook materials vary (metal, wood, plastic) and finding which works best with different yarns. Its big enough to hold but not cumbersome. You'll be working with multi-colored yarn and using the tunisian simple stitch. Watch this Facebook Live video that walks you through choosing a Tunisian crochet hook along with some other tips and advice on doing Tunisian: Afghan crochet hooks are made in many different materials, including wood, bamboo, aluminum, and plastic. Hi! Table of Contents show Do you need a special hook for Tunisian crochet? redditusername374 2 yr. ago I have crocheted DK with a five. Tunisian Crochet Hook Material Type If you love learning all things crochet, you might also like to check out these getting started crochet guides. Pick an 8mm hook for a 6mm cord. Item# RHC0708-034537V. In the US this would be from size 4-7. Tighter stitches mean a denser fabric. Looking for something unique to make with Tunisian crochet? Celebrate the joy of creating! Find the beginner resource here:How to Tunisian Crochet + 28 Tunisian Crochet Patterns. If you're ready to get started with Tunisian crochet, you may be wondering how to pick the right hook for your project. Mothra, in shades of lavender, purple, lilac pink, magenta, cerulean, pale blue, and pale grey. You can convert the diameter of the shaft to United States sizes for these materials. This classic pullover sweater is worked in the round using the Tunisian knit stitch. You can find it in a huge array of colors and varieties. I totally agree with crocheting up a swatch to work out which size meets the pattern requirements. Have a nice day. Share on Instagram or Facebook: When you make this project, share it on social media and tag me @sarahmaker. But even hooks with a permanent cable shouldn't be too cumbersome when wanting to do smaller projects. In this post, well look at the different types of dk weight yarn available on the market today, what needle and hook size you should use with dk weight yarns, why dk weights are so popular among knitters and crocheters alike, as well as some of the different ways it can be used. (Yes, you can use this measurement even if youre a crocheter!;). How does hook size affect crochet? And to help you get started, weve compiled a list of 27 free Tunisian crochet patterns for beginners. Tunisian Hook Video Tutorial Thank you! Sarah Stearns has helped thousands of makers find their next craft project with free patterns and step-by-step tutorials on her blog, sarahmaker.com. Youll notice that some of the free Tunisian crochet patterns you can download in the list below can be made using either a Tunisian hook or a regular crochet hook. These bright and cheery washcloths add a retro feel to the kitchen. Guide to Sizes and Types of Crochet Hooks, 5 Tips to Get Started With Thread Crochet, Learn the Differences Between Knitting and Crocheting, How to Crochet a Triple Treble Stitch (TrTr), How Crochet Hook Sizes Influence Project Gauge. Youll find a crochet hook size to suit the crochet projects you make. AllFreeCrochet.com is part of the Prime Publishing family. Never fear, there is a way to tell! Keep your phone and keys in this lovely bag while youre out and about, or add a liner for more privacy. It is a light weight yarn that is classified by the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) as a #3 in their standard yarn weight system. Read Next8 Different Crochet Stitches to Learn Free eBook (Volume I). Another option is an interchangeable crochet hook set. Other times it just states the information. Straight Afghan hooks have a fixed length. I am brand new to using the tunisian pattern and love it. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Thank you very much I am doing fine with my 10" long hook that I have practiced with but the baby blanket I plan to make, this hook will simply not hold the amount of loops required. Home > Basics > Tunisian Crochet Hooks Guide: How To Choose an Afghan Crochet Hook. Use the gobelin stitch to create this drapey and reversible Tunisian crochet scarf. The knitting needle size for DK weight yarn is a range between 3.5-4.5mm, with most people using 3.75-4.5mm. Debbie, Hi Debbie. Personally, I would probably go with a longer cabled one, just so you do have the capability to do larger projects if desired. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now count how many times you can fit into one inch. Hi Angie. Hi Jacqueline. Many crocheters prefer corded hooks because the length of the hook is more similar to a standard crochet hook, so it feels familiar in their hands. What crochet hook size matches what yarn weight? Best crochet hook size for 4ply yarn: 2.5mm - 3.5mm. If it says its between 33 to 40 sts per inch in knitting, its more than likely worsted. Id try using a 7mm or 8mm hook if you already have these and see if you can reach the gauge of the pattern. Many people who are just getting started with Tunisian crochet want to know if they really have to get a special tool to do this crochet technique. 4 balls Premier DK Colors Yarn in the Strata colorway US Size L/11 8mm Tunisian crochet hook with cords measuring up to 32" ( find my favorite corded Tunisian crochet hooks here!) With regular crochet, only one stitch is on the hook at a time. For each hook on the edge of a yarn weight, you could use the yarns on either side of the line. 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